The end of Week 2!


We’re almost at the end of week 2 of rehearsals now, and we’re all the way through to the end of the opera (and it is a very dramatic end). It’s been a very good week in the rehearsal room; the finer details are being put into the action and we’re starting to see the whole picture. It’s going to be wonderful on stage as well as musically.

Armida and her Nymphs

Armida and her her nymphs are very spooky by Act 3, as Armida’s psyche begins to unravel. The end is now in sight and we’ll be moving into the City Recital Hall in less than a week, and the orchestra starts as well. It’s a very exciting part of the journey - there is still time for things to be experimented with, personalties explored, and everyone’s confidence is growing with the piece. The final chorus where all six voice are singing is thrilling. Costumes are now being fitted (as I type this in the rehearsal room costume designer Christie Milton is sitting behind me sewing away), and scenic touches are being finalised on the set and props. We’re almost there!