Day 21 of Bajazet rehearsals!

A great day today. We had the third orchestral call (with horns - hooray!) and the sitzprobe, which is sing and play through the entire opera without staging - a chance for the singers and players just to concentrate on music. And it went wonderfully! Sounds incredible. We'll post a clip tomorrow (it's been a long day!) of a very gentle and beautiful aria that contrasts with the orchestral excerpt we posted today. Meantime here's a pic of our two wonderful lute players - James Holland and Josep Martì Duran and the four instruments that they are playing between the two of them, ranging from very large (the theorbo), to very small (the piccolo mandolin), and archlute (the larger of the two middle sized ones), and baroque guitar (the other one!). Two of these instruments - the mandolin and guitar have been lent to us By Tommie Andersson and Andrew White and we're very grateful. And note the matching theorbist pants!