A fundraiser for fundraising

Do you believe in Pinchgut and what we do? Do our productions give you great joy, stimulate your senses, and continue to delight with their freshness, originality and excellence? 

Most importantly, do you realise how important you are to all of this? We hope so.

This year’s fundraiser on Monday 2 September promises to be a whole lotta fun. You’d expect nothing less from Pinchgut, right? When the first fundraising committee was formed, chaired by the ever-wonderful John Pitman (a familiar Cantillation face and much-valued Pinchgut board member), it had three main aims:

1. To raise awareness of Pinchgut and build our relationships with the Pinchgut family (that’s you);

2. To fundraise to support each year’s production;

3. And to have a fun doing 1. and 2.

We think we’ve done a pretty good job on all three fronts, and we’re grateful to you for your part in all of these. As one of our supporters wrote in to tell us last year: ‘Pinchgut, you do make fundraising so much fun!’

Joy is our currency. We trade in your delight at hearing unheard opera gems for the first time. And share in the rewards of supporting young Australian talent so that our singers and players can reach appreciative audiences around the world. If only the world could turn on joy alone!

We need your support, and there’s a myriad of ways you can lend a hand. Here’s just five:

  • Buy a ticket to our fundraiser on Monday 2 September
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to Pinchgut
  • Buy a ticket to come and hear Giasone in December (call the box office 02 8256 2222)
  • Purchase a book of raffle tickets ($160). Visit pinchgutopera.com.au/raffle for prize details
  • Donate to Pinchgut LIVE and help us capture this extraordinary opera for future audiences here and around the world

Please contact Genevieve if you would like to make a donation and lend your support. 02 8007 7153 genevieve@pinchgutopera.com.au