Castor & Pollux Day 10

Today it's Jeffrey's turn to share some of his thoughts about rehearsals so far. One thing you need to know about this guy is that despite his protestations, he's an absolute pro. And also modest and honest to a fault. And absolutely delightful.

"Today I sang the whole opera right through, on my own, with all the pauses in the right place. Often the first time a singer actually sings through the whole thing is only at the first dress rehearsal and that’s when they discover that they don’t have the stamina for it! So now I know that if I give all my balls out at the beginning, there will be nothing left by the end. Like ‘oh oh, I can’t sing this last mad scene…’ [Lucia] You know?"

"I’m kind of incredibly terrified of my big Act IV aria ‘Sejour de l’eternelle paix’. Why? Because we’re doing it *incredibly* differently, unlike any way it’s been recorded before. Let’s just say I might need an oxygen tank. The phrases are so loooong…"

"Earlier today I was also experimenting with my physical position for some of my trickier lines. Here’s an insider’s tip: when you see me leaning backwards, that’s a hard phrase. But as soon as it gets easier again, you’ll see me moving around a whole lot more."