Castor & Pollux Day 18

Another big day – though not as frenetic as yesterday thank goodness!

The morning was spent first with Anna Fraser, who is singing a number of small roles – Cléone, a Follower of Hébé, and the entertainingly named ‘The Other’; and then with Jeffrey and Celeste working on their scene in Act 5 – very moving.

Then this afternoon we spent some music time with the covers (or understudies) for the principal roles. As we have so many very talented people singing with us we have mostly cast these from the chorus. Télaïre is being covered by Anna Sandstrom, who is newly returned from the UK; Phébé by the multi-talented Anna Fraser; Castor by the lovely Pascal Herington; and Pollux by the also newly-returned-to-Australia Simon Lobelson (who is not singing in the show). Simon sang the Drunken Poet for us in Fairy Queen, and Joabel in David & Jonathan, and it’s lovely to have him back in the family.

There were also costume fittings for Cléone, Mercury and The Athlete, The High Priest and Jupiter. I – sadly – didn’t get to see any of these so can’t comment!