Castor & Pollux Day 21

It’s been a very busy and very productive day; to be followed by another huge one tomorrow. And so hot too! We did the studio run today – that’s a run through of everything go to whoa – and I’m very pleased to report that we made it! We got through everything in pretty fine condition; we did have to stop occasionally, but all things considered very little. And the rehearsal was made more terrific by the presence of Danny Yeadon again, and also Alice Evans who is leading the orchestra. It was excellent to have them there – it gave a real sense of what is to come. The pic is of Erin, Danny and Alice in the rehearsal studio.

Elsewhere the triangle party was happening – very successfully, another great story came out in Sounds like Sydney, the overseas/interstate orchestra members have started arriving, more costume fittings were done, and the production team is readying for bump in tomorrow! Can’t wait for the orchestra to start to begin in the morning, and for bump in to happen.