Castor & Pollux Day 19

It is very strange being in the rehearsal room (or in the immediate surrounds) constantly. Even though we have a great view over Surry Hills via many windows (courtesy of Opera Australia), the weather, time and the day passes one by. It’s very disorienting; I’ve been convinced all day that it is Friday – which I’m very glad it is not, as we still have lots to do.

Today was another busy day – the morning was with four of the chorus men working on a particular set element which you will see; very beautiful and calming, and probably one of the reasons why today was so confused for me! In the afternoon we had the gorgeous and talented continuo cellist Danny Yeadon come in to play; and he, Antony, Erin, Jeffrey, Hadleigh, Celeste, Margaret and Anna worked on recitative (the sections of sung dialogue that link arias or choruses). Being sung dialogue these sections move along very freely, and both the cello and harpsichord (Danny and Erin) need to be able to follow the singers perfectly. It was terrific to introduce the cello into the music; this gave it quite a different dimension, and is a great foretaste of the orchestra starting on Saturday.