Castor & Pollux Day 22

The first day with the orchestra! And what a day it was. A sweltering Sydney summer day (around 36 degrees in the middle of the day) – various players who have arrived from overseas or interstate looked quite shell-shocked by the heat and humidity, but fortunately the beautifully air-conditioned studio (thanks Opera Australia) was at times even a little chilly for some.

As well as the lovely people of the orchestra it was the first day with several new instruments. Firstly - Carey Beebe’s beautiful French double harpsichord which Erin will be playing for the shows. This is a gorgeous combo of dark green and vibrant gold, so much so that you almost need sunglasses on to look at it. Come and have a peek at the performances.

Secondly our two newly minted bassoons are being given their first workout – and very fine they sound too. More on these tomorrow.

And lastly the pair of tenor violas made by Simon Brown that we are using for the taille part, being played by Nicole Forsyth and Charlotte Burbrook de Vere. These are amazing – significantly bigger than the regular violas being played by John Ma and Valmai Coggins, and sounding excellent. You can see on our facebook page a pic of one of each viola side by side. No forced perspective there – this is genuinely how much bigger the tenor viola is. Very impressive. We had two very productive calls with the orchestra today (the music is so beautiful) and looking forward to seeing them again tomorrow.

Elsewhere the bump in is happening at Angel Place (!!!), and Jeffrey and Hadleigh moved to our sponsor hotel Radisson Blu. So another big day, and hoping it will be cooler tomorrow!