Castor & Pollux Day 3

The first day of staging rehearsals today. First up Kate, our director, and Andy, Jasmine and Luiz (the design team) explained their concept of the work and how it will be set. It’s very exciting, and quite different to anything we’ve done before.
Then some house-keeping things – head shots for the program, a bit more costume measuring, some music rehearsal and then blocking began with a discussion on the characters and how/why they exist in this world. Kate likes to begin at the beginning and so today was about Act 1. Act 1 sets up the basic dilemmas of the plot, which will be played out through the rest of the opera.
Everyone is in great voice and working beautifully together. It is truly amazing to see an idea that we first had not so long ago realised in the rehearsal room. The many decisions that are involved, and the work of many wonderful people being harnessed to pull in the one direction is humbling.
The first days of rehearsal often inspire such thoughts in me; pretty soon though we will settle into the charmed circle and separate life that are rehearsals. Tomorrow the chorus begins staging. Here’s a pic from the blocking today – with everyone in black because of the photos. We’re not normally so sober. - Alison