Castor & Pollux Day 4

The morning feels like we are starting to settle down into a pattern; even though various people had strange things happening to them all day – perhaps the solar eclipse getting in early?
The morning call saw the principals block all the way through to the end of Act 1; a great achievement and gives everyone a sense of what the piece is going to be. The afternoon was the first chorus staging call. It began with a presentation from Kate, then some physical warm-ups, then some singing. Then off into Act 1. Kate sees their role as something of a Greek chorus; and their general aspect and behaviour are different in each act.
These calls are extremely demanding on everyone. Especially the singers who are having to deal with musical and physical instruction, remembering placements and the score, and coping with the French as well. The chorus have less time than the principals on the floor, so have to use the time they are given as efficiently as possible. We finished yesterday at the point where the battle has broken out.