Castor & Pollux Day 5

Antony arrived today, and true to form hopped off the plane, dropped his luggage off, had a quick shower and then came straight to the rehearsal room. It was wonderful to see him, and now the whole team is here. We thank Erin so very much for getting everyone thus far, and know that he will be a bit relieved to now be able to concentrate on his other role as keyboard continuo player extraordinaire.

Today was devoted to Act 2 – beginning with Phoebe and Télaïre, and then adding Pollux. A number of other things (as ever) happened around this – the gorgeous Bridget Elliot came in to take some rehearsal shots, Antony had a chance to work on music with the singers including Jeffrey, and the whole production team went to Angel Place to show the Angel Place staff what is in store for the theatre. So another very full day at the end of which Antony wasn’t even looking tired.