Castor & Pollux Day 6

It’s quite a thing to sit and observe rehearsals. Moments of intense single-focus are interspersed with periods of hubbub and divertissements (in the true sense!). But at all times, there’s a strong spirit of creative process, explorations, experimentations and refinements.

Today’s rehearsals were focused again on Act I, with Antony hearing for the first time all the hard work our cast and Erin have done thus far on this crucial, drama-filled act. Antony, conducting all the while, also sings along, voicing the missing chorus parts, trumpets, even drums – whatever’s missing! A real Renaissance man… or should that be Baroque?

The evening’s activities offered the performers a chance to let their hair down. We were invited to what’s becoming our annual Welcome Party, hosted by the ever-gracious Annie & Anthony Whealy. The harbour side setting was superb, as guests enjoyed performances by Celeste, Hadleigh and Jeffrey (thanks guys!). Special mention to Annie’s passion fruit tarts and Florentines. The perfect end to a perfect evening.