Castor & Pollux Days 13 & 14

We’ve almost made it through to the end of the blocking now; most of Act 5 is done. There’s a bit of Act 3 and 4 still to do, and that mostly involves the chorus. The chorus was in on Thursday evening, and there was much positioning of themselves and various bits of stage furniture on the floor. As is usually the case the chorus do most of heavy lifting in terms of the scene changes(and in this case we literally mean heavy lifting). They have many, many things to think about –what they are singing, French, ornaments, where they are on stage, what they are doing, what large prop has to go where etc. I don’t know how they process all of this info, but process it they do!

On Friday we began a work through of the whole piece with the principals. This was slow and sometimes painstaking, but it’s great to be able to start stringing things together, and for everyone to realise how all the scenes sit side by side both dramatically and in terms of stamina. We can start to see the overall shape, and it’s looking terrific. Anna Fraser and Pascal Herington worked particularly hard singing their own parts, and also the choruses throughout the day.

We now have the weekend off – a chance for everyone to internalise what has been done over the past two weeks, and to further commit everything to memory. And to rest and recharge. We’re at the half way point now in our rehearsal period – which is both scary and exhilarating.