Castor & Pollux - Day 1, 10 November 2012


Today marked the start of Castor & Pollux rehearsals!
Very exciting. The harpsichord is in and tuned, the rehearsal room is marked up and we’re ready to roll. We start with a couple of days of music calls, which are wonderful. A chance for the singers to explore ideas with Erin Helyard, get language tips from Nicole Dorigo (our amazing language coach), and for us to hear where everyone is at. Plus a little bit of measuring for costumes. Erin has been here a number of times throughout the year, being so much closer in New Zealand, and has worked extensively with Celeste, Margaret, Anna and Paul. So today we were agog to hear Jeffrey and Hadleigh, and to hear Pascal Herington go through his newly acquired arias.
The sound world is extraordinary, and so immediately French. We are delighted to report that the cast is excellent, and it’s a joy to hear what they’ve been working on. As well as many wonderful sounds it was also a day of a lot of laughter; my favourite moment being Erin singing Happy Birthday in true French baroque style with wonderful ornamentation!
Tomorrow the chorus is in for music rehearsals, and on Monday we start production calls with Kate. And we’re all very much looking forward to Antony’s arrival on Wednesday. Here’s a pic of Jeffrey and Hadleigh, together as twins at last.