Castor & Pollux - Day 2, 11 November 2012

Today the chorus came in for two music calls; and it was terrific to see their eighteen gorgeous faces.
We have a number of new people with us this year, and a couple of people that we have waited a long time to find the right combination of schedules to entice them in. We say a big thank you to Roland Peelman for this. Nicole Dorigo was of course back with us, and much of the day concerned language and ornaments, as well as blend, notes and temperament (of the scale sort, rather than the diva sort!). Plus again some measuring for costumes.
Erin refers to voice parts by their proper French names of Dessus, Haute-contre, Taille and Basse, rather than soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The discussion of ornamentation is fascinating with each ornament having a different meaning, colour, position in the music and method of execution. A couple of these are the port de voir (a sort of sliding between two notes) and a tremblement (a short trill). Hadleigh said yesterday that a tremblement was described to him as putting aftershave on a cut – a quick indrawn breath and a head shake! Today’s calls give us an excellent basis for starting staging, and there is much to work on in terms of finesse and memorisation; but a great start and beautiful singing. The day finished with a few people going to Brett Weymark’s wedding. Brett has sung five productions with us, and we say many congrats and much happiness.