Restoring Salieri's good name

Pinchgut never shies away from a challenge. This year, we plan to dispel one of the most stubborn myths in classical music. Curious? Read on...

An Italian chimney sweep seduces the women of the household in which he works, in order to bargain for his future. Composed by Antonio Salieri, The Chimney Sweep is a sexy, fun comedy filled with characters all shamelessly indulging their appetites.

Bribery and blackmail, anarchic domestic affairs, and venality reigns. But most of all, more wonderful music from the 18th century that you’ve probably never heard before.

The Chimney Sweep (Der Rauchfangkehrer) gives Pinchgut audiences another opportunity to hear a rarely performed opera. And for those whose knowledge of Salieri comes from the excellent film Amadeus, Pinchgut is compelled to report that much of the story in the film is nonsense. Mozart’s murderer? Pah! Pinchgut’s production of The Chimney Sweep will restore Salieri’s good name, and his music!

Tickets now on sale.