The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 10

We're back - refreshed and ready to go after a lovely Sunday. We're on to Act 2 now. This act is in the home of Mr Wolf and Mr Bear, with their two servants Peter and Jakob. It definitely has a more masculine air than the Hawk household of Act 1. There is a very funny scene with an auction, and Stuart, Chris and David are all having to get their heads around auction techniques. 

More costume fittings today as well, and assembling the last of the material to go to Playbill for the program.

Here's a pic from Bridget Elliot's rehearsal shoot last week - Miss Hawk (Janet Todd) is trying to seduce Volpino (Stuart Haycock) with the beauty of her singing (which is glorious). She doesn't know that she is being manipulated to do this!

Stuart and Janet 2.jpg