The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 11

We got through to the end of Act 2 today (it's much shorter than Act 1). Still this is excellent going, and lovely to see this Act take shape. Lisel (Alex Oomens) was introduced into the otherwise all male establishment of the Bear/Wolf household in today's numbers. The trio that concludes Act 2 is lovely, and very clever writing. Can't wait to hear it with the orchestra. 

Lots of props being assembled today, and the set painting continues. It all feels like it's getting very close now.

Today's pic is of some very important people that we haven't introduced you to as yet. As well as director Mark Gaal, and assistant director Troy Honeysett, in this pic are our stage manager - the wonderful Tanya Leach, and our equally wonderful ASM (Assistant Stage Manager) Alec Kensit. Alec has come up from the Victorian College of the Arts on an internship with us, and we are very grateful and delighted to have him with us. Without these amazing people the opera doesn't happen.