The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 12

We started Act 3 today, and made very good inroads into this act. Everything story-wise has been leading up to this one, and there's much confusion and merriment before the end is reached. Lots of great music too - we heard today the Mrs and Miss Hawk arias from this act, and beautifully sung by Amelia and Janet they are. 

Salieri wrote the role of Miss Hawk for Caterina Cavalieri (who was his pupil at the time). He wrote the part specifically to show off her incredible virtuosity. Cavalieri went on to premier some of the most famous soprano roles of the time - Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni, and Constanze in The Abduction from the Seraglio (which singspiel Mozart wrote after having heard The Chimney Sweep). 

The role of Mr Bear was also written for another very famous singer of the time - Ludwig Fischer. Mozart wrote the role of Osmin in The Abduction for him and bass David Woloszko is doing a masterly job with this role too.

Two pics today from Bridget Elliot's photos from last week again. The first is the hunters in full flight in the Ganymede opera, and the second (mostly because I couldn't resist) is Nic as Fränzl, channeling Cinderella I think.

Photo by Bridget Elliot

Photo by Bridget Elliot