The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 3

Today Erin Helyard, our wonderful conductor and co-artistic director, joined the proceedings straight from the airport and we spent the day on music. And how terrific to hear the score for the first time live by way of our amazing cast. It's an incredible score - amazing music and gloriously sung. Particular bits to listen out for will be the opera within the opera, and the quintet which is almost at the end of the work. 

It was lovely to be joined in the rehearsal room by Mark Gaal, our director for this work, and a couple of the non-singing cast members who just wanted to come and listen. 

Erin imparts an incredible amount of information as he goes along and we all leave the room feeling much more knowledgable than we came in. It's a rare person who knows much about Salieri, and the music truly is a revelation. 

Meantime here is a picture of gorgeous Alex Oomens from yesterday's photo shoot, in her role as Lisel - one half of the cunning servant duo. (Again not the frock she will be wearing).

Alex Oomens as Lisel.jpg