The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 4

Today we moved into the lovely rehearsal space that is going to be our home for the next three and a bit weeks. Our December shows have all been rehearsed at the Opera Centre (except once), courtesy of a very generous Opera Australia. But as their winter season is well underway rehearsal-wise they don't have any space to spare at the moment. Fortunately we found a lovely room just off Harris St in Ultimo and today was our first day there.

It began - somewhat inauspiciously - with an ongoing alarm in a nearby building, which then turned into a loud siren. After a surprise visit from three firefighters the alarm and siren were eventually turned off, and we settled down to an excellent day's work. 

Director Mark Gaal is starting at the beginning of the work, and today's scenes involved the characters of Lisel (Alex Oomens), Volpino (Stuart Haycock) and Hansel (Gary Clementson). Everyone is having lots of fun and already it's sounding and looking terrific under Erin's, Mark's and Troy Honeysett's (AD and choreographer, as well as playing Peter) watchful ears and eyes. 

Here's a pic of our lovely Erin at the keyboard while a scene is being blocked behind him.

Salieri - Erin.jpg