The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 5

Today we had the exact reverse of yesterday's weather - a really wet and gloomy morning, followed by a glorious afternoon. Another lovely day in the rehearsal room though. We pushed on into Act 1, and the entry of Miss and Mrs Hawk into the piece (played by Janet Todd and Amelia Farrugia). Some very entertaining goings-on with the dummy harpsichord, and various trays and cloths. And we got to hear what is possibly my favourite aria in theopera - Miss Hawk's first piece that she sings to impress Volpino. Heavenly stuff.

We were joined today by the wonderful Bridget Elliot come to take some head shots and rehearsal pics. You'll see some of her lovely work here soon, but in the meantime a pic (not taken by Bridget!) of Stuart Haycock as the charming, scheming Volpino and Janet Todd as the ditzy, spoilt (though loveable) Miss Hawk.

Stuart and Janet.jpg