The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 6

We're now into the rhythm of both the Salieri rehearsals and the room, which is excellent as we push further into the opera. Today we introduced the three remaining cast members who hadn't yet been in the space: Christopher Saunders playing Mr Wolf (Miss Hawk's suitor), David Woloszko playing Mr Bear (Mrs Hawk's intended), and Sabrya Te'o as Jakob. We were also visited today by lighting designer Luiz Pampolha who will be sitting in on rehearsals whenever he can. 

Some of today's staging revolved around Wolf and Bear's first arias know respectively as 'The Nightmare Song' and 'The Music Song'. The Nightmare Song is not called that because it's fiendish to sing (though I'm sure it is, and Chris only makes it sound very easy), but because it describes a nightmare. The Music Song is a great example of a catalogue aria - you'll hear what this is all about when you see the show!

Here's a pic of Chris and David in character as Wolf and Bear. You'll glean a bit about their characters from this!

Chris and David.jpg