The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 7

Another great day in the rehearsal room. We're heading now towards the end of Act 1 (which co-incidentally is also the end of Part 1, and will be the interval point). There's an opera within the opera, and that's what we've been rehearsing today, (also Volpino's aria leading up to this). The opera within the opera is about Ganymede (the most handsome youth the gods had ever seen!) and two nymphs Chloe and Daphne. Much hilariousness ensues with hunters, deer and lots of weeping. 

Salieri has constructed the little opera as a take-off of opera seria, complete with all its conventions. Opera seria was past its heyday by then, and Salieri was obviously comparing this with the more informal singspiel that The Chimney Sweep is. 

Today's pic is of Nicholas Hiatt playing Fränzl and Gary Clementson playing Hansel; two of the servants of the Hawk household. In this scene they are accompanying Volpino in one of his elaborate Italian arias on the household harpsichord.

Nic and Gary.jpg