The Chimney Sweep rehearsals - Day 8

Finished blocking Act 1 today, and so made it to interval! Followed by a couple of runs of everything from scene 6 on to the end of the act. Scene 6 is actually not that far from the beginning, so it was almost the whole of the first part. Very exciting. A couple of people hadn't been in for a day or so, and had a great time looking at what our amazing cast and creative crew have put together in a few short sessions. 

Tomorrow we're going to do a run of Act 1, and then it's on to Act 2 at the start of the new week. 

Lots of other things happening around rehearsals today - a mammoth production meeting, Bridget Elliot came back to take some more photos, costume fittings and much more. 

Today's pic is of our wonderful director Mark Gaal, and our equally terrific assistant director and choreographer Troy Honeysett (who is also playing Peter). Very impressed with your work!

Mark and Troy.jpg