The Salieri rehearsal posts begin!

We're finally here.

It all seems quite strange - it's cold(ish) and very wet, the days are short and it's the middle of the year, and we're not at the Opera Centre - and yet here we are starting Pinchgut rehearsals for The Chimney Sweep. Our very first mid-year production is underway and it's very exciting.

We began today - unusually - with dialogue rehearsals. (The heavens opened torrentially in Sydney and we're taking this as an auspicious sign as we really need the rain). The Chimney Sweep is a singspiel (where the music is interspersed with dialogue), which is another first for us. Erin Helyard, our wonderful co-artistic director and conductor for the Salieri, is finishing the semester in Wellington where he teaches and won't be with us until Saturday. (He's also making the move to ANU starting in mid-July after the Salieri so it's a very busy time for him). Given this we decided to start with dialogue, and a great day it was.

Our singers/actors have come from London (x2), Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and closer to home, and it was wonderful to have them all in the same room and to see the start of the journey with this piece. First time professionally in more than 230 years! At the end of the day everyone sat down in a circle and discussed what we'd learnt today and where we will go next. And this is our first pic - the end of day conference and discussion.

Salieri end of day 1 rehearsal conference

Salieri end of day 1 rehearsal conference