We sincerely thank our generous Pinchgut supporters. We call them our Pinchgut HEROES.  The generosity of these individuals and families make a vital contribution to our activities each year.  Every gift is deeply appreciated and immediately employed toward the creation of our productions.

We honour our Pinchgut Heroes through referencing some of the heroic characters featured in past productions. They have helped us build and sustain the company. 

*This list is current as of 14 November 2017

Pinchgut Giasone 2013_David Hansen as Giasone 02_credit Keith Saunders.jpg

Foundation Supporter & Matched Giving Campaign Donor 2017

Danny Kaye & Sylvia Fine Kaye Foundation


Graeme Wood Foundation, Sisyphus Foundation

Life Patron

Liz Nielsen


Professor Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO

$50,000 and above Jupiter (Semele)

You are too glorious for mortals to even behold.

Anonymous (1)

$25,000 to $49,999 Theodora (Theodora)

You are the beacon for others.  A shining light.  An inspiration.  You are goodness personified.

Anonymous (1), Emily and Yvonne Chang, Jessica & Jeremy Davis.

$15,000 to $24,999 Diana (Iphigéngie en Tauride)

You are the saviour.  The deliverer.  When certain disaster is impending you appearance saves the day.

Janet Cooke, Agnes Sinclair.

$10,000 to $14,999 Orfeo (Orfeo & L'Anima de Filosofo)

Art.  Music.  The sublime.  You embody them all.  You are a creator.  From you music is born.

Anonymous (1), Mrs W.G. Keighley.

$5,000 to $9,999 Griselda (Griselda)

Loyalty and steadfast support has no greater example.  You are indeed our true partner.  Come what may, you will be there.

Anonymous (3), Christine Bishop, Neil Burns, Jean Dalton, Tony Gill, Kathie & Reg Grinberg, Alan Hyland, Suzanne Kirkham, McIntosh Family - Noel, Donna and William, Cameron Williams, Nick & Caroline Minogue Foundation, David & Gillian Ritchie, Anthony Strachan, Alden Toevs & Judi Wolf.

$2,000 to $4,999 Juditha (Juditha Triumphas)

You are literally a hero.  When called upon in trying times, you will stand up and do the right thing.

Anonymous (1), Geoff Applegate, Damaris Bairstow, Marco Belgiorno-Zegna AM and Angela Belgiorno-Zegna, Stephen Booth & Zorica Rapaich, Virginia Braden OAM, Janet & Ian Cooke, Prue Davenport, Andrew Goy, Dr Elisabeth Hodson & Mr Tom Karplus, Trisha Heaton, Janet Holmes à Court, John Lamble Foundation, Ian & Pamela McGaw, Frances Muecke, Trevor Parkin, Ern & Deidre Pope, Lesley and Andrew Rosenberg, Elizabeth Watson, Annie and Anthony Whealy.

$1,000 to $1,999 Pigmalion (Pigmalion)

Your touch, your love makes art spring to life.

Anonymous (1), Gillian Appleton, Carey Beebe, Cary Brown, Dr Catherine Brown-Watt PSM and Mr Derek Watt, Stewart Candlish & Bianca Panizza, Joan Connery OAM, Raoul de Ferranti & Merilyn Sleigh, David Duncan, Pamela Duncan, Rosemary Farrow, Barbara Fisher, John & Irene Garran, Robert Gay, Norman Gillespie, Richard Gilmour-Smith, Dr John Hughes, Christine Kenworthy, Mary Jane Lawrie, Joan Masterman, Jane Mathews, Helen Meddings, Jan Marie Muscio, Liz & Pieter Oomens, Jennifer & Ivor Orchard, Jan Orman, Catherine Playoust & Elliott Gyger, K & R Power, Patricia Reid, Andrew & Lesley Rosenberg, Felicite Ross, Ross Steele AM, Graham Tribe, Laurel Tsang.

$500 to $999 Eurydice (Orfeo & L'Amnina del Filosofo)

You are the inspiration.  The music happens because of you.

Anonymous (2), Ben Anderson, Andrew Andersons, Lorriane Brister, Henry Burmester and Peter Mason, Judy Butlin, Brian and Judith Campbell, Peter and Helen Campbell-Davys, Colleen & Michael Chesterman, Julia Church, Robert Clark, Wendy Cobcraft, Angela Compton, Marie Dreux, Leigh Etherden, Sarah & Braith Gilchrist, Carol Grace, Wendy & Andrew Hamlin, Diana Hanaor, Rohan Haslam, Arthur Ho, Ailsa Hocking and Bernard Williams, Wolf Krueger, Veronica Lee, JH & HA Linstead, Alison Lockhart & Bruce Watson, Susan Marshall, Brendan McPhillips, Paul O'Donnell, Keith & Robyn Power, Graham Rees, Pamela Russell, Yvonne Sebesfi, Natalie Shea, Vivienne Skinner, James Spigelman, Leslie Thiess, Sue Thomson, Laurel Tsang, Jenny Turner, Ross & Suzanne Tzannes, Kay Vernon, Heather Weir, Robina & Glenn Weir, John White, Peronelle Windeyer, Greg Wood.

$250 to $499 Jacinte (L'Amant jaloux)

You are the kind and industrious soul behind the scenes.  Without you everything would fall apart very quickly.

Priscilla Adey, Professor Dame Marie Bashir AD CVO, Catherine Davie, Kate & Jeremy Eccles, Kate Elliot, Gabrielle Ewington, Anita Florin, Mindy Green & Steve McDonald, Margaret Grundy, Judy Hastings, E S Herscovitch, Ray Hollings, Dr Cary James and Dr Anne James, Elizabeth & Ian Johnston,  Estate of Leonie Judith Kramer, Tim & Gillian McDonald, Inara Merrick, Gae Mulvogue, Jan Northam, Northside Opera Study Group, Mark Probert and Emma Johnston, Tim & Gillian McDonald, Dr Ann McFarlane, John & Heather Rickard, David Rolph, Dr Kerry Thomas, Greig Tillotson, Sandra Yates & Michael Skinner.

$20 to $249 David (David and Jonathan)

Even the smallest stone can save the day.

Anonymous (15), Ben Adamson, David Atmore, Janine Arundel, Barbara Bees, Patricia Benjamin, Susan Berger, Berrima Galleries, Minnie Biggs, Elizabeth Bowles, Douglas Boleyn, Margot Briedahl, Kay Britcliffe & Margaret Pitt, Marilyn Brown, Robyn Byrnes, Helen & Graham Campbell, Alison Clugston Comes, Dr Steven Cohn, Patricia Conder, Christine Cooper, Esther Cossman, Nicholas Cowell, Rowena Cowley, Joan Cowrie, Anne-Louise Crotty, Dr Rita Crews OAM, Sydney CU, Tony D'Arbon, Susanne de Ferranti, Keith Darling, Rebecca Davies, Robert Dingley, Nicholas Dinopoulos, Shirley Egan, Dorottya Fabian, Malcolm & Kay Fell, Margaret Fittock, Ka Him Michael Fong, Gail Ford, Marguerite Foxon, Noel French, Valmae Freilich, John Gardiner, Ruth Gough, Sally Glover, Josefa Green & John Millbank, Cressida Griffith in memory of Vanessa Griffith, Marion Grundy, Richard Gubbins, Peter Hales, John Hannoush, David Hartgill, Theresa Hayward, Glenda Haywood, Nora Hinchen, Dorothy Hoddinott, Ann Hordern, Patricia Howard, Roslyn Hunyor, Joan Humphreys, Mr Ian Hunt and Ms Victoria Nicholson, Robert & Margaret Jackson, Peter James, Beverley Johnson Ian Juniper, Frederick Kadd, Gaynor Kadd, Davorka Karacic, Janice Knight, Wolf Krueger, Ladies Probus Club St Ives, Roslyn Laird, Alan and Piers Lane, Barbara Leser, Karl Lindeson & Lindsay Pratt, Ross Longmuir, Pamela MacDonald, Murray A MacGee, James Mackean, Helen McGarry, Richard Maddox, Renate Marek, Betty Meehan, Lillian Mellick, Simon Milton, Alain Moffroid, Jane & Ian Morrison, Jean Murphy, Kerry Murphy, Margaret Newman, M E Nightingale, Ted Nixon, Andrew O'Connor, Leone Oliver, Maxwell Oliver, Diane Openshaw, Christina Pender, Margaret Pitt and Kay Britcliffe, Denise Playoust, Keith Powell, Paul Rein, Jeremy Ross, Mitzi L Saunders, Roger Seccombe, Wendy & Greg See, Ingrid Selene, Annie Slade, Libby Smith, Dr E Staraj, Elizabeth Steel, Barbara Steller, Malcolm Stuart, Terence Stephens, Ghillian Sullivan, A I Tonking, Mr D and Dr Jennifer Turner, Jenny Trembath, Gilbert van der Jagt, Mark Walker, Annabel Wheeler, Peter White, GC & R Weir, Susan Winterton, Carolyn Willis, Karen & Bruce Wilson, Robert Woodley, Dr Daniel Zucker.

Maestro’s Circle Supporters

Our Maestro Circle is a newly created circle of giving.  Membership is by invitation only and allows for a deep connection to Erin Helyard and supports his vision for Pinchgut Opera and our commitment to artistic excellence.

Julianne Maxwell, Justice Francois Kunc and Ms Felicity Rourke. 


Pinchgut LIVE Heroes

One of the most special aspects of Pinchgut Opera is our recording label, Pinchgut LIVE.  This allows us to preserve the unique live experience of a Pinchgut Opera production and ensure that audiences around the world can share in the delights of our music for decades to come.  We thank the following supporters:

Anonymous (2), Suzy & Stephen Baines, Emily Chang, Yvonne Chang in memory of Russell J Dove, Mindy Green & Steve McDonald, Pauline Griffin, Kathie & Reg Grinberg, Mrs W.G. Keighley, Christine Kenworthy, Nick & Caroline Minogue, Timothy Pascoe, David & Gillian Ritchie, James Timmins, Ross & Suzanne Tzannes.