Castor and Pollux, Celeste Lazarenko as Télaïre.

The music of Rameau, and French baroque opera more broadly, was virtually unknown in Sydney until Pinchgut started uncovering some jewels.

Dardanus, 2005.

Dardanus, 2005.

The colours, textures, and particularly the glorious harmonies of music from this time and place was a particular interest of Antony Walker, our Conductor Emeritus. In 2005, even though we were still in our earliest years, Dardanus was reviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald as ‘Musically, Pinchgut’s best effort yet. It is a credit to Walker and the Pinchgut philosophy that [this]… production is sustained by diverting the eye and ear with something rich, varied, nuanced and voluptuous.’We then returned to the French Baroque in 2012 with Castor & Pollux, a tale of two star-crossed brothers. This season saw our biggest audiences to date, and was wonderfully received by the critics. Harriet Cunningham in the Herald said
‘For a start, Rameau’s score is a revelation and, ever true to its promise to put the music first, every part of the Pinchgut ensemble contributes to making it soar.’ Nicholas Routley, writing for Australian Stage, was more to the point: ‘Altogether another triumph. Go to see it if you haven’t already.’




Sonya Yoncheva sings aria of Télaïre "Tristes apprêts" by Rameau, performed at Chateau de Chimay in a private Gala "150 ans de Théâtre de Chateau de Chimay" Belgium live performance from September 2013 dir. Philippe Pierlot