We sincerely thank our generous Pinchgut supporters. We call them our Pinchgut HEROES.  The generosity of these individuals and families make a vital contribution to our activities each year.  Every gift is deeply appreciated and immediately employed toward the creation of our productions.
We honour our Pinchgut Heroes through referencing some of the heroic characters featured in past productions. They have helped us build and sustain the company. 
*This list is current as of 28 January 2020


His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley 


Graeme Wood Foundation, Sisyphus Foundation


Liz Nielsen



Janet Cooke, Emily & Yvonne Chang, Agnes Sinclair, Anonymous (1)

THEODORA (THEODORA)- $10,000 TO $19,999

Jean Dalton, Iphy Kallinikos, W G Keighley, Suzanne Kirkham, Justice François Kunc and Felicity Rourke in memory of Lidia Kunc, Noel and Donna McIntosh and Family, David and Gillian Ritchie, Anonymous (4).


Priscilla Adey, Damaris Bairstow, Nena Beretin and John Claudianos, Toula and Nicholas Cowell, John and Irene Garran, Tony Gill, Andrew Goy, Reg and Kathie Grinberg, Pat and Frank Harvey, Janet Holmes á Court, Alan Hyland, James and Claire Kirby Family Fund, John Lamble Foundation, Dom & Mara Lyone,  Julianne Maxwell, Pam and Ian McGaw, Nick and Caroline Minogue, Alf Moufarrige, Frances Muecke, Anthony Strachan, Alden Toevs and Judi Wolf, Ian Tonking, Annie and Anthony Whealy, Cameron Williams, Carla Zampatti AC, Anonymous (2).


Christine Bishop, Stephen Booth and Zorica Rapaich, Henry Burmester and Peter Mason, Jean Cockayne, Graham and Orna Coombes, Crane and Stuart Estate, Prudence and Peter Davenport, Peter Garnick and Dr Jillian Graham, Louise Gourlay, Elisabeth Hodson and Tom Karplus, Kevin and Deidre McCann, Brendan McPhillips, Peter Mason, Helen Meddings, Frances Muecke, Jan Marie Muscio, Timothy and Eva Pascoe, Trevor Parkin, Peter Ratcliffe, Shane and Danielle Simpson, Suzanne and Ross Tzannes, Mark Walker, YPO Gold Greater Sydney Chapter, Anonymous (2).

GRISELDA (GRISELDA)- $1,000 TO $1,999

Gillian Appleton, Michael Ball, Carey Beebe, Marco Belgiorno-Zegna, Virginia Braden, Stewart Candlish and Bianca Panizza, Robert Clark, Joan Connery, Helen Cox, Gabrielle Ewington, Raoul de Ferranti, Jane Duncan, Nita Durham, Sueellen Enestrom, Marguerite Foxon, John and Diana Frew, Mark Gaal, Norman Gillespie, Ruth and Ian Gough, Catherine Harris, The Hon Don Harwin, Ailsa Hocking, John Hughes, Beatrice Janssen, Thomas Jenepher, Shinji Kakizaki, Julia King, Wolf Krueger, Mary Jane Lawrie, Anthony & Suzanne Maple-Brown,, Dr Ann McFarlane, John Mitchell, Pieter & Liz Oomens, Jenny and Ivor Orchard, Catherine Playoust and Elliot Gyger, Rod Pobestek, Robyn Power, Patricia H Reid Endowment, Lesley and Andrew Rosenberg, Ross Steele AM, Kerry Thomas, Graham Tribe, Laurel Tsang, Ann and Larry Turner, Suzanne and Ross Tzannes, Denise Yim, Anonymous (6).


Geoff Applegate, Margrit Bachmann, Sara Bennett, Judy Butlin, Jessica Block, Ruth Campbell, Hon J C Campbell QC & Mrs Campbell, P and H Campbell-Davys, Michael and Colleen Chesterman, Julia Church, Alison Clugston-Cornes, Wendy Cobcroft, Robert and Julie Clarke, Angela Compton, Rebecca Davies, Jennifer Dowling, Kate Elliott, Mark Featherby, Freilich Prescribed Private Fund, Matthew Gerber, Sarah and Braith Gilchrist, Carole A. P. Grace, Mindy Green and Steve McDonald, Rohan Haslam, Susanne and Malcolm James, Emma Johnston and Mark Probert, John Kaldor AO, Julia King, Angela & Richard Kirsner, Nicholas Korner, Veronica Lee, Stephen Marriott, Chris Matthies, Kenneth McDonald, Nola Nettheim, Paul Rein, AJ and SM Sasse, Leslie C. Thiess, Sue Thomson, Greig Tillotson, Jennifer Turner, Kay Vernon, Bruce Watson and Alison Lockhart, Elizabeth and Barry Webby, Robina Weir, Peter White, Peronelle Windeyer, Mary Yeo,  Anonymous (6).


Janet Aickin, Ria Andriani, M V Arundel, Geoffrey Bartlett, Roderick Best, Anita Beuthien, Frances Bonner, Meg Breidahl, Marilyn Brown, Mairead Browne, David Bryant, Alexandra Bune, Robin Byrnes, Leonie Cambage, Graham and Helen Campbell, Judith Campbell, John Chesterman, Carmel Gwendoline Clark, Peter Clayton, Elizabeth Conti, Christine Cooper, Esther Cossman, Michael Crawcour, Rita Crews, Max and Elaine Crisp, A L Crotty, Lindee Dalzielll, Susanne de Ferranti, Robert Dingley, Janet Duggin, Geoffrey Duggin, Kate and Jeremy Eccles, Carl Enter, Margaret Fittock, Anita Florin, John Gardiner, Nicole Gillespie, Sally Glover, Anthony Gregg,  Robert Green, John Grimshaw, Pater Hales, Penny Hamilton, Bernice Hand, Christina Hart, Judy Hastings, Glenda Haywood, Catherine Henderson, Dorothy Hoddinott AO, Jack Holland, R M Hollings, Patricia Howard, Joan Humphreys, Felicia Huppert, Robert L P  Jackson, Peter James,  Beverly Johnson, Ian and Elizabeth Johnston, Sue Johnston, Frederick Kaad, Davorka Karacic, Maria Kelly, Ralf Klepper, R Laird, Barbara Leser, Pamela Lloyd, Murray Macgee, Linda Madgwick, Susan Marshall, Duncan McDonald, Judith McDonald, Peter McGrath, Wendy McLeod, Megan McMurchy, Dianne McWilliam, Jill Matthews, Betty Meehan, Lillian Mellick, Simon Milton, Lyn Moore, Henry O'Connor, Ludo Onstein, Diane Openshaw, Glen Parker, Frances Parker, Prebble Family, Heather and John Rickard, Bill Robinson, Penny Rogers, David Rolph, Elizabeth Ruthven, Brian and Brigid Salter, Diane Sandrejko, Elaine Searle, Ingrid Selene, Michael Sharpe, David Skewes, Roger Smith, Jacqui Smith, Libby Smith, Elizabeth Staraj, Barbara Steller, Malcolm Stuart, Anne Thomas, Susan Treloar, Jennifer Trowse, Mailis Wakeham, Wendy Warren, Matthew Westwood, Annabel Wheeler, Susan Williams, Susan Winterton, Colin Ying, Dr. Daniel Zucker, Anonymous (23).


Our Maestro Circle is a circle of giving that and allows for a deep connection to Erin Helyard and supports his vision for Pinchgut Opera and our commitment to artistic excellence.

Justice François Kunc and Ms Felicity Rourke, in memory of Lidia Kunc* (Lead Patron), Tony Gill*, Alden Toevs and Judi Wolf*, Julia King* Julieanne Maxwell.


One of the most special aspects of Pinchgut Opera is our recording label Pinchgut LIVE. This allows us to preserve the unique live experience of a Pinchgut Opera production and ensure that audiences around the world can share in the delights of our music for decades to come. We thank the following supporters:

Anonymous (2), Alumni Travel, Emily Chang, Yvonne Chang in memory of Russell J Dove, Robert Gay, Mindy Green and Steve McDonald, Ian & Pamela McGaw, Pauline Griffin, Kathie & Reg Grinberg, Iphy Kallinikos, Mrs W.G. Keighley, Christine Kenworthy, Nick & Caroline Minogue Foundation, Timothy & Eva Pascoe, David & Gillian Ritchie, James Timmins, Ross & Suzanne Tzannes


This program allows Pinchgut to continue to secure some of the world’s greatest singers and also to encourage and nurture the next generation of Australian singing talent.

Leading Patron ($10,000+)

Emily & Yvonne Chang

Supporting Patron ($5,000+)

Carla Zampatti AC, Nena Beretin and John Claudianos, James and Claire Kirby Family Fund, Dom & Mara Lyone, Shane & Danielle Simpson, Reg & Kathie Grinberg, Andrew Goy, Anonymous (1)


John and Irene Garran supporting Kirsty McCahon (bass)


Share your lasting passion for Pinchgut Opera by making a gift to the Company in your Will. Your generosity will ensure that future generations will experience the pleasure and inspiration that Pinchgut has given you.

We thank the following people who have pledged to leave a legacy for Pinchgut Opera

Anonymous (3), Gillian Appleton

We also thank The estate of the late Timothy Brian Carey


Pinchgut Opera is extremely grateful to receive support from the organisations below. The assistance they provide is vital to our ability to continue and strive for excellence.

Major Partner
Partners 3
Foundation Partners
NSW Government
Government Partners
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Supporting Partner
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Media Partners
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