Armida Rehearsals Day 3 & 4

Our next two days of rehearsals have been devoted to Act 1, and starting into Act 2. It’s a wonderful piece, and to hear and see it coming together is a joy. As Armida and Rinaldo, Rachelle Durkin and Leif Aruhn-Solén are incredible; their singing is exquisite. In spite of the magical elements it’s a very human story, and Crystal Manich’s direction is focused towards the human emotions and the story. The set is an unusual one and it’s taking a bit of getting used to (in a good way!), and it’s going to be wonderful. To see the cast working with the set, all the while singing  beautifully is part of what makes opera.

We had a visit from some of our wonderful Pinchgut Heroes for lunch yesterday, a great break from the intenseness. Elsewhere at the Sport for Jove workshop part of the set (a very important part) is being made by our very talented creative team headed by set designer Alicia Clements. Measurements for costumes have been taken by costume designer Christie Milton and we look forward to seeing the start of the costumes. Parts have gone out to all of the orchestra and we’re on track! Come with us for the journey.