Castor & Pollux Day 8

It’s Saturday and we’re coming to the end of our first week of production. We’ve made great progress getting into Act 4 (though not everything has been done up to this point). Today begins with an incredible scene between Castor and Pollux – where Pollux comes to take Castor’s place in the underworld, and to send Castor back to life with Telaïre. Even first thing in the morning, and just standing and singing this through, Jeffrey and Hadleigh are amazing. Very powerful and moving. Jeffrey says perhaps his favourite scene in the opera.

Later in this call the Act 4 Trio is worked on – Pascal (Mercury), Phébé (Margaret) and Pollux (Hadleigh) work together beautifully to bring this difficult piece off. Then in the afternoon the chorus is back in; this time working with the principals on Acts 1 and 2. Good progress is made musically and production-wise, and everyone leaves tired and happy. We have a very well deserved day off tomorrow, where some of us get to celebrate a very special birthday.