Castor & Pollux Days 11 & 12

Happy St Cecilia’s day – the patron saint of music. Also the day on which Benjamin Britten was born 99 years ago. And happy Thanksgiving too! We have two Americans in our cast, and one who now counts the US of A as also his home.

Apologies for the silence – we’ve had a couple of very busy days.

We’re on to Act 5 now and Act 5 is possibly my favourite act. Kate has blocked through to Jupiter’s re-entry, and it’s very moving. The arc of the story is coming along beautifully.

Meantime lots is happening in every aspect of the show now; Anna and Gen are doing lots of media work; Neil, Andy, Jasmine and Luiz are all working very hard on their various parts of the design and production; the program is being put together, surtitles being worked on, costumes being dyed, structures being made, dances being learnt, instruments being re-strung for the lower pitch, seats being sold, study groups being taken, talks given in schools etc etc. All is happening. We are a little over a week away from the orchestra starting which is very exciting. Erin has met with Alice (Evans – the leader of our orchestra this year) to talk about bowings, and he and Antony are planning on spending the weekend marking up the orchestral parts. So we are in full-on mode, and looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Here are some lines from my favourite poem from W. H. Auden, set gorgeously by Britten in his Hymn to St Cecilia.

Blessed Cecilia
Appear in visions
To all musicians
Appear and inspire.


-- Alison