Pinchgut Opera exists so that we may touch lives, and to see our audiences transcend the everyday through the power of music and the beauty of the human voice.  We exist also, because of the generosity of our incredible family of donors.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who supports us each year through our Donor Circles, Annual Giving Campaign and special projects. 
This list is current as of 09 March 2021


His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd) and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley 


Graeme Wood Foundation, Sisyphus Foundation


Liz Nielsen


Our Maestro Circle is a circle of giving that and allows for a deep connection to Erin Helyard and supports his vision for Pinchgut Opera and our commitment to artistic excellence.

Justice François Kunc and Ms Felicity Rourke, in memory of Lidia Kunc* (Lead Patron), Tony Gill*, Anonymous (3). 


This program allows Pinchgut to continue to secure some of the world’s greatest singers and also to encourage and nurture the next generation of Australian singing talent.

Leading Patron ($10,000+)

Emily & Yvonne Chang

Supporting Patron ($5,000+)

Andrew Goy, Nena Beretin, John Claudianos, James and Claire Kirby Family Fund, Anonymous (3). 


John and Irene Garran – supporting Kirsty McCahon (bass)


Principal Supporter

Norman Gillespie


One of the most special aspects of Pinchgut Opera is our recording label Pinchgut LIVE. This allows us to preserve the unique live experience of a Pinchgut Opera production and ensure that audiences around the world can share in the delights of our music for decades to come. We thank the following supporters:

Anonymous (2), Alumni Travel, Emily Chang, Yvonne Chang in memory of Russell J Dove, Robert Gay, Mindy Green and Steve McDonald, Ian & Pamela McGaw, Pauline Griffin, Kathie & Reg Grinberg, Iphy Kallinikos, Mrs W.G. Keighley, Christine Kenworthy, Nick & Caroline Minogue Foundation, Timothy & Eva Pascoe, David & Gillian Ritchie, James Timmins, Ross & Suzanne Tzannes.


In honour of the significant legacy Taryn Fiebig has created through her inspiring body of work, Pinchgut Opera has established the Taryn Fiebig Scholar program for an emerging Australian opera singer of special potential. 

Ian Dickson and Reg Holloway, Pam McGaw, Justice François Kunc and Felicity Rourke, Dr Mark Walker, John Allard, The Elliott Family, Richard Fisher, Stephen Shanasy, Leslie C Thiess, Andrew Blanckensee, Mr Keith Brister, Wendy Cobcroft, Elizabeth Conti, Toula and Nicholas Cowell, Dr John Hughes, Peter Janssens, Craig Campbell, Mr. Donald Denoon, Gavan Griffith AO, Ross and Mary Louise Fernley, Miki Oikawa, David Skewes, Christine Gunn, Ailsa Hocking, Lilly Krienbuhl, Diana Berger, Vivien Ball, Jennifer Blackman, Dr Marguerite Foxon, Beate Josephi, Stephen Morey, Mr. Nick Pacitti, Dagmar Elizabeth Pidd, Hywel Sims, Catherine Storey, Barry Walsh, Terry  Chesher, Candice Docker, Mindy Green, Roslyn Howell, Alexandra Lavau, Melody Lord, David Sciascia, Ruth Spence-Stone, Susie  Bennetts, Deborah Fox, Edmund Griffith, Wendy Sharpe, Lindsay Silbert, Anonymous (8).



Sisyphus Foundation, Danny Kaye & Sylvia Fine Kaye Foundation, Patricia H. Reid Endowment Fund, Emily and Yvonne Chang, Anonymous (2). 

THEODORA (THEODORA)- $10,000 TO $19,999

Iphy Kallilnikos, Nick & Caroline Minogue, Justice François Kunc and Felicity Rourke in memory of Lidia Kunc, Agnes Sinclair, Suzanne Kirkham, Noel Donna McIntosh & Family, Anonymous (3). 


Mrs W G Keighley, Anthony Gill, Annie and Anthony Whealy, Gillian and David Ritchie, Roslyn Maguire, Alan Hyland, James & Claire Kirby Family Fund, Pru and Peter Davenport, Anthony Strachan, Jan Marie Muscio, Nena Beretin and John Claudianos, Jean Dalton, Frank and Pat Harvey, Cameron Williams,, Anonymous (3). 


Anne Amigo, Nena Beretin, Nicholas Cowell, Michael Ball, Helen and Phillip Meddings, Stephen Booth & Zorica Rapaich, Robyn and Keith Power, Carey Beebe, Jocelyn Goyen, R A J Stewart, Andrew and Lesley Rosenberg, Pieter and Liz Oomens, Emma Johnston and Mark Probert, Trevor Parkin, Ms Mary Jane Lawrie, John Hughes, Diccon and Elizabeth Loxton, Frances Muecke, Elizabeth Watson, Anna Ralston, Ailsa Hocking and Bernie, Dr Ann McFarlane, Ms Jocelyn Woodhouse, Kevin and Deidre McCann, Jennie and Ivor Orchard, Catherine Playoust and Elliot Gyger, Anonymous (2). 

GRISELDA (GRISELDA)- $1,000 TO $1,999

Antoinette Albert, Gillian Appleton, Graham & Heloise Barr, David Bassingthwaighte, John Biffin, Jonathan Blackwell, Meredith Brooks, Henry Burmester and Peter Mason, Hon J Campbell QC & Mrs Campbell, Emily and Yvonne Chang, Wendy Cobcroft, Colleen and Michael Chesterman, Catherine Cheyne-Macpherson, Robert Clark, Dr Stephen Cohn, J Connery, Christine Conquest, Stephanie Cooper, Janet Holmes A Court, A L Crotty, Jennifer Dowling, Janet Duggin, David Duncan, Nigel Emslie, Suellen Enestrom, Gabrielle Ewington, Susanne de Ferranti, Helen Fleming, Dr Marguerite Foxon, Freilich Prescribed Private Fund, John and Diana Frew, Peter Garnick & Dr Jillian Graham, Norman Gillespie, Reg and Kathie Grinberg, Ruth Gough, David Harvey, The Hon Don Harwin, Rachel Hawkeswood, Elisabeth Hodson, Dorothy Hoddinott AO, Barbara & John Hirst, R M Hollings, Beatrice Janssen, Sue Johnston, Carl Jones, Melissa Kennedy, Angela & Richard Kirsner, Barbara Kozak, Stephen Marriott, Christopher McCabe, Noel and Donna McIntosh, Lynette McIntyre, Brendan McPhillips, Dianne McWilliam, Robert Mitchell, Kerry Murphy, Andrew Naylor, Jennifer Nicholls, Rod Pobestek, Rear Admiral Ian Richards AO, Fe Ross, Beverley Southern, Leslie C Thiess, Sue Thomson, Jennifer Thredgold, Graham Tribe, Alida Van Der Flier, Kay Vernon, Mark Walker, Margaret Winn, David Wood, Anonymous (11).


Ercil Allen, Roderick Anderson, David & Barby Atmore, John Barnett, Russell Beardmore, Carla Bergstrom, Frances Bonner, Ann Booth, Virginia Braden, Alan Brooks, Neil Cameron, Craig Campbell, Brian and Judith Campbell, John &, Amanda Cartmill, Lynette Casey, Roger Cherry, Frances Christie, Julia Church, Jean Cockayne, Angela Compton, Christine Cooper, Esther Cossman, Patricia Davies, Lauren Davis, Sarah de Jong, Dr Christine Deer, Robert Dingley, Terence Dwyer, Michael Edwards, Marie Freyne, Denys Garden, Patricia Gorman, Ivan Foo & Ron Gouder, Judith Goyen, Anita Green, Cressida Griffith in memory of Vanessa Griffith, Alison Gyger, Margaret & Leigh Hall, Kathleen Hannay, Neil & Pamela Hardie, Jonathan Harverson, Jenny Harvey, Glenda Haywood, Norman Heckenberg, Catherine Henderson, Roger Henning, Nora Hinchen, Frank and Susan Hooke, Ann Hordern, Michael Horsburgh AM and Beverley Horsburgh, Elizabeth Howard, Penelope Hunstead, Janet Hurley, D Hyde-Page, John & Barbara Inglis, Dr Judy Jaensch, Gayl Jenkins , Michael & Anna Joel, Greg Joffe, Helen Johnston, Keith & Jean Jordan, Stephen Jovanovich, Shinji Kakizaki, Allison Kirkman, Jan Knight, Nicole Lacy, Ralph Lane, Julienne Leathart, Thea Lessi, Alison Lockhart, Ross Longmuir, Terry Lustig, Mavis Lyons, Graham & Pamela MacDonald, Colin MacLeod, Stephen Marriott, David Martin, Mindy Green and Steve McDonald, Elizabeth McKenzie, Dr Christopher Meaney, Graeme & Emma Mendelsohn, Marcia Meyjes, Sue Millar, Dr David Millons AM and Mrs, Barbara Millons , John Mitchell, Andrew Mitchell, Kathleen Nelson, Giles Parker, Pip Pattison, Andrew Peace, Dr Patricia Pearse, Elisabeth Peet, Joanna Quinn, Ingrid Radford, Harriet Rasmussen, Barbara Reed, Marilyn Richards, Richard Roberts, Christine Robinson, Peter Roennfeldt, Alfred Rofe, P Rogers, Stephen Sasse, Elaine Searle, Marcelle Segal, Stephen Shanasy, Juliet Sheen, Rex & Ros Simmonds, Shane Simpson, Agnes Sinclair, Michele Slatter, Darlia Stanley, Bruce Stark, Helene Stead, Malcolm Stuart, Colin & Janette Sullivan, Jenepher Thomas, Samantha Thornton, Greig Tillotson, Denis Tracey, Sally Tribe, Laurel Tsang, Ann and Larry Turner, Harriet Veitch, Maryan Vickers, Vicki Vivian, Frances Warner, Elizabeth and Barry Webby, Michael West, Dr Peter White, Patricia Withycombe, Margot Woods, Phillipa Stewart and Matthew Yates, Anonymous (11).


Judith Anderson, Anita Anderson , Jannifer Andrews, Kerry Angwin, Bruce Armstrong, Rosemary Atkinson, Tina Bain, Jeanette Baird, Carolyn Baker, John Balint, Susan Balint, Constance Banks, Richard Barnard, Norma Barne, Jane Barnes, Patrick Barrer, Christopher & Maxine Barrie, Jen Barton, Vivienne Bath, Joelle Battestini, Michael Baume, Jennifer Beadell, Barbara Beasley, Jeremy Beckett, Marco Belgiorno-Zegna, Patricia Benjamin, Olivier Berckmans, Ken Bergin, John Bern, Rae Beslik, Roderick Best, Marie-Louise Bethune, Anita Beuthien, Diana Bevitt, Michael Biber, Helen Bilenkij, Judy Bishop, Margaret Black, Jennifer Blackman, Julia Blackwood, Donna Blakeley, Andrew Blanckensee, Jodie Boehme, Marc Boisseau, Martin Bonsey, Ellen Borda, Lyn Bosley, Bettina Boss, Neil Botham, Virginia Braden, Elizabeth Brandis, Caroline Bray, Meg Breidahl, Anne Brennan, Cheryl Brennan, Margot Brenton, Elise Briggs, Phoebe Briggs, Len Britton, Lyn Broadstock, Alexander Brooking, Ilona Brooks, Lyn Brown, Stuart Brown, Mairead Browne, Susan Bryant, Catriona Bryce, Neil Buchanan, Cherrie Buckwalter, Boris Budak, Gisela Bulach, Robyn Burgess, Axel Burkert, Sheena Burnell, Ross Burns, William & Margaret Burton, Christina Busby, Judy Bush, Susan Buxton, Andrew Byrnes, Robyn Byrnes, Robyn Byrnes, Judith Cain, Barbara Caine, Jean Callaghan, Elise Callander, Helen Cameron, Ian Cameron, Graham and, Helen Campbell, Jenny Campbell, David Canterford, Lesley Carnus, Dr Carolyn Lowry OAM, Anne Charteris, Roz Cheney, Neda Chepinchikj, Anne Chivas, David Christensen, David Churches, Robert & Carmel Clark, John Clark, Koko Clark, Robert & Julie Clarke, Robert & Caroline Clemente, Alison Clugston, Kay Coady, Julienne Cogley, Milton & Pamela Cohen, Geoffrey Cohn, Margaret Cole, Pamela Coleman, Peter Comino, Margaret Connolly, Betsy Conti Elizabeth Conti, David Cook, Brigid Coombe, Leith Cooper, Loz Copley, Alastair Corbett, Andrew & Felicity Corkill, Alison Cornes, Sheryl Coughlin, Alice Crawford, Pauline Crewther, Elaine Crisp, Emily Cross, Bridget Crouch, Moya Crowley, David Cunningham, Harriet Cunningham, Jennet Cunnington, Carole Cusack, Beverley Czerwonka-Ledez, Jennifer Darin, Tricia Darton, Andrew Davies, Brett Davies, Rebecca Davies, James Dawkins, Peter de Waal, John Dearn, Vivienne Del Mar, Pamela Deverall, Matt Devine, Rosalind Dight, Gabriel Dillon, Nicholas Dinopoulos, Lydia Dobbin, Sarah Dockrill, Gabrielle Donovan, Susan Dorothea White, Janet Doust, Julie Dowsley, Malcolm Druery, Barnard and Kerry Duce, Robert Dudfield, Rolf Duelks, Margaret Duguid, Nita Durham, Jennifer Dyster, Lynden Dziedzic, Merridy Eastman, Patricia Eaton, Jeremy Eccles, Professor Jennifer Edwards, Shirley Egan, Liam Elbourne Dagmar, Elizabeth Pidd, Sophia Errey, Deirdre Evans, Garnet Evans, Julie Ewington, Wojciech Farbotko, Stephen Fargo, Anne Farrell, Miles Farwell, Kay Fell, David Ferguson, Jennifer Ferguson, Jennifer Ferns, Derry Field, Jennifer Findlay, Josephine Fisher, Margaret Fittock, Peter & Catharine Fletcher, Ian Fletcher, Janet Fletcher, Kevin Flintoff, Michael Fong, Alan Ford, Lesley Ford, Gail Ford, William Forgan-Smith, Robyn Fourikis, Catherine Fox, Janet Foye, Casandra Francas, Dorothy Fraser, Prue Freiinger, Delia French, Noel French, Anna, Fried, Yvonne Frindle, Malcolm Frost, Anne Fuller, James & Leonie Furber, Mark Gaal, Suzanne Gapps, Jennifer Gardiner, Mark and Natalie Gauci, Martha Gelin, Lindy Gerke, Thurza Getzler, Kay Gibbons, Phillipa Gibian, Tony Gill, David Gilmour, Sally Glover, Tonia Godhard, Kevin Golding Sarah Goldman, Jane Good, Renee Goossens, Marilyn Gosling, Ruth & Ian Gough, Carole Grace, Dr Graeme Coombes, Allan Grant, Janet Grant, Ian Gray, Kathryn Green, Merle Greenberg, Jennifer Greenstreet, Anthony Gregg, Anthony Gregg, Gavan Griffith, John Grimshaw, Christine Gunn, Heather Gunn, Rebecca Gurney, Dasia Gutman, W H Holmes, Paul Hager, Angela Hakvoort, Martin Halliday, Penny Hamilton, Charles Hammersla, Margaret Hammerton, John Hannoush, Maxwell Harcourt, Helen Hardy, Roger Hargraves, Janet Harris, Kathy Harris, Michael Harvey, Tara Hashambhoy, Rohan Haslam, Judy Hastings, Victoria Hayes, Esther Hayter, Agnes Hefferman, Catherine Heggen, Bruce Helyard, Peter Henderson, Wendy Henningham, Susan Henshall, Angela Herscovitch, Daniel Herscovitch, Helen Hill, Jack Holland, Anne-Marie Holley, Judith Hone, Lynette Howard, Patricia Howard, Elin Howe, Jim Howe, Philip Howe, Lindy Hume, Joan Humphreys, Justine Humphry, Christopher Hunter, Roslyn Hunyor, Felicia Huppert, Neil Hyden, Vivienne Ingram, Margaret Ireland, Margaret Isom, Elizabeth Jacka, Heather Jackson, Jacqueline Jago, Owen James, Peter James, Susanne James, Ian Jenkins, Ruth Jeremy, Glynis Johns, Robert & Anne Johnson, Beverley Johnson, Juliet Johnson, Karen Johnson, Sylvia Johnson, Jennifer Jones, Phillip Jones, Wendy Jones, Fiona Joneshart, Dr. Joy Sotheran & Daniel Kaan, Judith Kaldor, Alexander Katsman, Antigone Kefala, Ross & Maria Kelly, Brian Kelly, Kim Kemmis, Catharine Kench, Martin Kent, Greg Kerr, Geraldine Killalea, Maria Kim, Kevin and Alexander King, Helena Klijn, Jack Knudson, Leonard Kritharides, R Laird, John Lamble Foundation, Heath Landers, Kerry Landman, Sally Landman, Nada Lane, Beatrice Lang, Susan Lang, Virginia Lankshear, Patricia Laubinger, Hannah Laundl, Alexandra Lavau, Jeanette Lawrence, Meredith Lawrence, Phillipa Leach, Caz Lederman, Veronica Lee, Sylvia Leeser, Michele Levinson, Liza Lim, Pamela Littlejohn, Pamela Lloyd, Ernest Lo, Alison Lockhart and Bruce Watson, Kurt Looser, Melody Lord, Sylvia Luikens, Jan Lumsden, Sue Lyons, Pauline M Griffin, Louise M OAM Gourlay, Bridget Mabbutt, Jan MacDermott, Heather MacDonald, Murray Macgee, James MacKean, Judy Maddigan, Alan Maddox, Pamela Makey, Anne Maley, Jan Malone, Chris Maltby, Rosemary Mangiamele, Bryony Marks, Susan Marshall, Christopher Matt, Eric Matthews, Jill Matthews, Tom May, Peter Mayer, Michael McAlary, Margaret McCluskey, Tim and Gillian McDonald, Kenneth McDonald, Pam and Ian McGaw, Joanne McGrath, Peter McGrath, Peta McGregor, Sue McLay, Annabel McLean, Anne McLean, Wendy McLeod, Helen McMaster, Megan McMurchy, Kevin McNamara, Jean McPherson, Betty Meehan, Enid Meldrum, Michael Messer, Geoffrey Millar, Peter & Patricia Miller, Beatrice Miller, Emelyne Miller, Louise Miller, Susan Miller-Randle, Lynette Milton, Simon Milton, Elizabeth Minchin, Richard Mohr, Belinda Montgomery, Gillian Moon, Irene and Tom Moore, Lyn Moore, Marilyn Moran, Ailsa Morgan, Janice Morgan, Jane Morris, Ian Morrison, Marilyn Moulton, Tony and Robin Mountstephens, Christopher Muir, Gae Mulvogue, Eugenia Munro, Kaye Murray, Liz Musgrove, John Myatt, Angela Nanson, Janet Nash, Robert Neale, Rosa Needham, Narelle Nelson, Christine Neves, Pepe Newton, Ann Nixon, Amanda Noakes, Celia Nolan, Elizabeth Nolan, Patricia Novikoff, Anne O'Connell, Henry O'Connor, Pat O’Brien, Miki Oikawa, Kenneth Ooi, Alex Oonagh Redmond, Helen Oxnam, Neil Padden, Phillip & Christine Page, Kay Paik, Glen Parker, John & Lynne Parkinson, Graham Parsons, Jenni Pass, Barbara Paterson, Raymond Patman, Fiona Payne, Joy Pegler, Natalie Pelham, Ian Penboss, Marion Pender, Andrew Peter Livingstone Naylor, Alexandra Pinkham, Jill Pinkham, Fred Piper, Hans Pols, Robert Postema, Judy Potter, Margaret Potts, Sue Poultney, Andrew Powell, Michael Power, Colin Prebble, Jennifer Prested, Ann Previtera, Rosemary Pritchard-Davies, Katherine Prouting, Phillip Pryke, Paul Pryor, Michael Pullan, Marian Purvis, Chas Rader-Shieber, Win Ramdas, Philip and Elizabeth Ramsden, Kathryn Raphael, Margaret Rappo, John Rawson, Stuart Read, Virginia Read, Elizabeth Rechniewski, Ian Reddoch, Angela Ree, Sophie Reeves, Paul Rein, Edward Reis, Patricia Richardson, Fiona Rimes, Gwenda Robb, Merrilee Robb, Elliott Robert Malcolm, Lisbeth Roberts, Pamela Roberts, Donald Robertson, Gillian Robinson, Tony Robinson, Alexander Roche, Anthony Rogers, Anne Rogerson, David Rolph, David Rolph, Emma Rooksby, Alison Rosenberg, Naomi Roseth, Wendy Russell, Elizabeth Ruthven, Anne Ryan, Matthew Sait, Helen Salkeld, Warren Salomon, Neville Sammel, Diane & Edward Sandrejko, Professor Margaret Sankey, Felicity Saunders, Teresa Savage, Douglas Savige, Helen Saville, John Scahill, Louise Scambler, Martina Schaerf, Ruth Schmid, Susan Schroeder, Tasio Sclavenitis, Julian Segal, Julia Selby, Sarah Serna, Francis Shapcott, Mandy Shaul, Chrissie Shaw, Pamela Shaw, Heather and Paul Shelley, Oscar Shub, Robin Simpson, Bruce Sims, Michael Skinner, Marta Skrbis, Greg Skyles, Clive Smith, Deborah Smith, Helen Smith, Jane Smith, Jennifer Smith, Natalie Smith, Rebecca Smith, Sally Smith, Harald Sondergaard, Kate Southam, Karen Spielman, Penelope Stamford, Nicola Stanford, Darryl Stanisich, Barbara Steller, Terence Stephens, Margaret Stoljar, Heather Stone, Catherine Story, Walter Struve, Charles Su, Heather Sullivan, Marjorie & Gordon Sutcliffe, Sarah Sutcliffe, Ashley Sutherland, Janet Sutherland, Joanna Sutherland, Pamela Swaffield, Liz Swain, Margaret Symes, Vladimir Syrkine, James Tait, Jennifer Taylor, Linda Taylor, Michael Taylor, Duncan Teevan, Kay Temple, Tony Tenney, Anthony Thompson, Janice Thompson, Michael Thompson, Mildred Thomson, Russell Thomson, Stephen Thornley, James Timmins, Laura Tingle, Ian Tonking, Alumni Travel, Susan Treloar, Jennifer Trowse, Paul Trunoff, Clement Tsang, Dominique Tubier, Hannah Tungate, John Turnbull, Peter & Rosemary Turner, Greg Turner, Jennifer Turner, Frances Underwood, Linda Upfold, Maureen Urch, Ronald Valencia, Peter Vaughan, Robert Vesetas, Diane Villani, Alec Walker, Simon Walker, Joy Wallace, Helen Walrut, Joan Walsh, Barbara Walton, Mengzhu Wang, Richard & Judith Warburton, Senan Ward,Susanne Ward, Jonathan Ware, Wendy Warren, Christine Watts, GC & R Weir, Margaret Whealy, Annabel Wheeler, Crista White, Margaret White, Neil White, Wendy White, Eve Whitehead, Ross Whitelaw, Julie Whitfield, Deborah Whitford, Alison Whitney, Annalyce Wiebenga, Helen Wight, Joan Wilcox, John Wild, Amalie Wilke, Ian Wilkey, Susan Williams, Geoffrey Williamson, Helen Wilson, Peronelle Windeyer, Susan Winterton, Lois Wishart Lindsay, Peter Wojtowicz, Patricia Woolcock, Peter Woolf, Paul Wormell, Jill Wran, Alexander Wright, Carolyn Wright, Susan Wright, Helen Wyatt, Helen Wyld, Linda Young, Penelope Young, Gabriel Zipser, Daniel Zucker, Abraham Zulaikha, Anonymous (78).


Share your lasting passion for Pinchgut Opera by making a gift to the Company in your Will. Your generosity will ensure that future generations will experience the pleasure and inspiration that Pinchgut has given you.

We thank the following people who have pledged to leave a legacy for Pinchgut Opera

Gillian Appleton, Anonymous (3). 

We also thank The estate of the late Timothy Brian Carey


Pinchgut Opera is extremely grateful to receive support from the organisations below. The assistance they provide is vital to our ability to continue and strive for excellence.

Major Partner
Partners 3
Foundation Partners
NSW Government
Government Partner
Partners 2
Media Partners
Partners 2
Pinchgut Opera acknowledges the Gadigal peoples of the Eora nation, the first story-tellers and singers of songs. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and emerging. 
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