Baroque Banter Episode 6 - In Conversation with Miriam Allan

By Pinchgut Opera | Blog, PINCHGUT AT HOME, podcast | 19 Aug 2020 |
The next episode of our podcast series, Baroque Banter - In Conversation with Miriam Allan is out now.
In this episode Erin Helyard is joined by one of his true contemporaries, soprano and self-proclaimed lover of chaconnes, Miriam Allan. Miriam has performed in multiple Pinchgut productions, beginning with our very first in 2002, Handel's Semele. United in their shared origins and deep love for baroque music, Erin and Miriam's chat includes Miriam's favourite musical form, the chaconne, returning to the stage during a pandemic, and performing in front of a live audience.
Tune in now and find out where the intro music for Baroque Banter is from, why we chose it, and more...
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